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What is L2TopList?

First L2 private servers announcer made for Europa & Latin America players. L2Toplist presents you announcer of L2 servers, which are checked by the administration! With our announcer, you will always be aware of the opening of L2 servers! Here you will find the most popular L2 servers, with high online and stable gameplay. The list of servers is conveniently sorted by opening date, chronicles, rates. Easy navigation in our server list, which will allow you to select the server of interest! You no longer need to spend your time by searching for Lineage 2 servers on internet, in our website you will find new opening servers and already opened Lineage 2 servers all in one place!

Why should I add my server?

Adding an announcement about opening of a new Lineage 2 server on - is a unique and inexpensive opportunity to advertise your Lineage2 game server. Make an announcement of the Lineage 2 server and inform all players about the new discovery, collect a decent starting online for your project. We display all announcements of servers of L2 with possible selection by chronicles, rates and opening date.

Which Lineage server to choose: PvP, Craft-PvP, Low-Rate?

There are several types of private servers of Lineage 2: Low-rate; Craft-PVP; PVP. This classification allows in a few words to describe the game servers type.

Low rate Servers: - with a hard leveling of the character and the rates from x1 to x5. Suitable for a long gameplay with friends. Low rate servers required minimum 4 hours of gameplay a day, and hight knowledge of gameplay.

Craft-PVP Servers: - do not require you to spend a lot of time to receive height level in game. The perfect combination for lovers to war and to craft in their spare time. As a rule, the rates on such servers is from x25-x50 to x100. Quests are reduced or they come up with an alternative version.

PVP Servers: - separate branch of servers, where the whole game is concentrated on PvP battles. These servers are equipped with shops, where all the gaming items can be bought for Adena. Excellent for evening relaxation after work.